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require("couchbase/package.json"); // couchbase is a peer dependency. var lounge = require("lounge")

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lounge v0.27.0

Simple Mongoose-inspired ODM for Couchbase



Simple Mongoose-inspired ODM for Couchbase.

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npm install lounge


Lounge is a simple, somewhat opinionated, Mongoose-inspired ODM for Couchbase. Main goal is to provide modeling tool framework for working with Couchbase databases in an asynchronous environment of Node.js.

var lounge = require('lounge')
  connectionString: 'couchbase://',
  bucket: 'lounge_test'

var schema = lounge.schema({ name: String })
var Cat = lounge.model('Cat', schema)

var kitty = new Cat({ name: 'Zildjian' }) (err) {
  if (err) // ...


  • Schema definition
  • Strict modeling based on schema
  • Schema extension
  • Automatic type validation and custom validation
  • Document upsert and removal
  • Embedded (referenced) documents
  • Automatic and manual population of embedded (referenced) document
  • Middleware including pre and post hooks
  • Indexing using reference lookup documents
  • Promise support

Outside of the scope of this module:

  • Document and view management. There are too many patterns and ways of performing document and view management and view lookup that it is impractical to accommodate anything sane within a simple ODM. This can easily be expanded on top of Lounge.
  • View queries. For same reasons this falls outside of the scope of Lounge.
  • N1QL index management and N1QL queries. For the same reasons this falls outside of the scope of this library.
  • Full Text Search index management and FTL queries. For the same reasons this falls outside of the scope of this library.
  • Automatic document removal on key change. That is if a document key property changes, the new document is saved under the new key. The old document sticks around under the old key. There are too many implications if we start automatically handling document removal in this scenario. This should be handled by the user of this module. In most use cases this should not really be an issue.



Module automated tests can be run using npm test command. The tests are executed using Couchbase mocking. To run tests against an actual local database create a bucket lounge_test and remove LOUNGE_COUCHBASE_MOCK=true from test script property in package.json.


Lots of code and design inspired by Mongoose. Icon made by Cursor Creative from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


Copyright 2015 - 2017 Bojan D.

Licensed under the MIT License.

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