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var lovelyChart = require("lovely-chart")

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lovely-chart v1.0.0


🏆 A Telegram Chart Contest 2019 award winning library.

mobile friendly, high performance, extra lightweight, zero dependency, production ready, open source

lightweight chart js library



import * as LovelyChart from 'lovely-chart';
import '~/lovely-chart/dist/LovelyChart.css';

LovelyChart.create(container, data);

Arguments for LovelyChart.create

  • container — DOM Node in which the chart is rendered. The chart layout resizes automatically to occupy the entire available width.
  • data — Parameters for a chart.
titleChart headline
typeChart type. Supported types: line, area, bar, pie
labelsArray of UNIX timestamps in milliseconds
datasetsArray of params for each dataset
datasets[*].nameDataset name
datasets[*].colorDataset color
datasets[*].valuesArray of dataset values
isPercentagetrue for percentage based values
isStackedtrue for values stacking on top of each other
hasSecondYAxistrue for charts with 2 Y axes
onZoomOptional function which returns Promise with data for the zoomed chart (new data object)
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