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var lucene = require("lucene")

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lucene v2.1.1

Lucene query parser and formatter for JavaScript created using PEG.js

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Parse, modify and stringify lucene queries.

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npm install --save lucene
yarn add lucene


const lucene = require('lucene');

const ast = lucene.parse('name:frank OR job:engineer');
// {
//   left: {
//     field: 'name',
//     term: 'frank'
//   },
//   operator: 'OR',
//   right: {
//     field: 'job',
//     term: 'engineer'
//   }
// }

// name:frank OR job:engineer


The parser is auto-generated from a PEG implementation in JavaScript called PEG.js.

To test the grammar without using the generated parser, or if you want to modify it, try out PEG.js online. This is a handy way to test arbitrary queries and see what the results will be like or debug a problem with the parser for a given piece of data.


This project is based on thoward/lucene-query-parser.js and its forks (most notably xomyaq/lucene-queryparser). The project is forked to allow some broader changes to the API surface area, project structure and additional capabilities.


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