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var lujs = require("lujs")

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lujs v0.1.3

minimalstic di library


Lightweight dependency injection lib written in JavaScript.


var container = lu()

    // services are singletons
    .service('myService', function() {
        return {
            getFoo: function() {
                return 'foo';

    // this is how dependencies get passed in
    .service('myOtherService', ['myService'], function(myService) {
        return myService.getFoo() + ' bar';

    // you can also define values as dependencies
    .value('myVal', ' is a random value')

    // factories get always called when they
    // get injected.
    .factory('myFactory', ['myVal'], function(myVal) {
        return Math.random() + myVal;

// get a registered dependency
var myService = container.get('myService');

// run some anonymous function and pass
// dependencies in
container(['myFactory', 'myVal'], function(myFactory, myVal) {



npm install lujs


bower install lu


Copyright (c) 2014 Simon Kusterer Licensed under the MIT license.


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