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var mapObj = require("map-obj")

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map-obj v4.1.0

Map object keys and values into a new object

map-obj Build Status

Map object keys and values into a new object


$ npm install map-obj


const mapObject = require('map-obj');

const newObject = mapObject({foo: 'bar'}, (key, value) => [value, key]);
//=> {bar: 'foo'}


mapObject(source, mapper, options?)


Type: object

Source object to copy properties from.


Type: Function

Mapping function.

  • It has signature mapper(sourceKey, sourceValue, source).
  • It must return a two item array: [targetKey, targetValue].


Type: object


Type: boolean
Default: false

Recurse nested objects and objects in arrays.


Type: object
Default: {}

Target object to map properties on to.


  • filter-obj - Filter object keys and values into a new object

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