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var markdownElearnjs = require("markdown-elearnjs")

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markdown-elearnjs v1.7.3

Simple markdown conversion to elearn.js based HTML and PDF.


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markdown-elearnjs is a node.js package for simple markdown conversion to elearn.js based HTML and PDF. It is used for example by atom-elearnjs.

If you want to create your own conversion tool, this library will do all the actual conversion work so you can focus on the UI and additional features.


Use the following

npm install --save markdown-elearnjs


Insert this into your file

const MarkdownElearnJS = require('markdown-elearnjs');

or you can import the components you need directly

import {
} from 'markdown-elearnjs';


To convert some markdown code to Html you can simply use

var htmlConverter = new MarkdownElearnJS.HtmlConverter();

htmlConverter.toFile(markdown, filePath, rootPath).then((filename) => {
}, err => console.error(err));

htmlConverter.toHtml(markdown).then((html) => {
}, err => console.error(err));

Or for Pdf conversion

var pdfConverter = new MarkdownElearnJS.PdfConverter();

// save as file
pdfConverter.toFile(markdown, filePath, rootPath).then((filename) => {
}, err => console.error(err));

//get a buffer
pdfConverter.toBuffer(markdown, rootPath).then((buffer) => {
    // do something with the buffer
}, err => console.error(err));

// only the html if you want to use your own render framework
pdfConverter.toHtml(markdown).then((html) => {
}, err => console.error(err));

You can also use conversion options in each function call and specific converter settings. Check the wiki pages.

Additional Features

The package does not only support the markdown conversion but also additional features like elearn.js extension detection, assets export and extraction of linked files. For more information on this check the wiki pages.

Known Issues

  • All platforms:
    • PDF output might be slow
      • consider keeping Chrome alive for multiple PDF exports (check settings)


  • elearn.js based for output scripts and styles.
  • Showdown used for Markdown to HTML conversion.
  • Puppeteer used for HTML to PDF conversion.


markdown-elearnjs is developed by dl.min of Universität Hamburg.

The software is using MIT-License.

cc-by Michael Heinecke, Arne Westphal, dl.min, Universität Hamburg


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