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var mastercardLostStolen = require("mastercard-lost-stolen")

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mastercard-lost-stolen v1.0.3

Core functionality for MasterCard API

Node.js Module for mastercard-lost-stolen

What is it?

A Node.js module for the mastercard-lost-stolen API. If you have not already got an account sign up at


If you haven't done so, you first need to install the mastercard-lost-stolen module. You can install it using node's package manager (NPM) with the following command:

npm install mastercard-lost-stolen

Using the SDK

To run an API request you first need to initialize the MasterCardAPI. You only need to do initialize MasterCardAPI once per application instance.

var lostStolen = require('mastercard-lost-stolen');
var MasterCardAPI = lostStolen.MasterCardAPI;

var consumerKey = "your consumer key";   // You should copy this from "My Keys" on your project page e.g. UTfbhDCSeNYvJpLL5l028sWL9it739PYh6LU5lZja15xcRpY!fd209e6c579dc9d7be52da93d35ae6b6c167c174690b72fa
var keyStorePath = "path to your .p12 private key file"; // e.g. /Users/yourname/project/sandbox.p12 | C:\Users\yourname\project\sandbox.p12
var keyAlias = "keyalias";   // For production: change this to the key alias you chose when you created your production key
var keyPassword = "keystorepassword";   // For production: change this to the key alias you chose when you created your production key

// You only need to do initialize MasterCardAPI once
var authentication = new MasterCardAPI.OAuth(consumerKey, keyStorePath, keyAlias, keyPassword);
    sandbox: true,
    authentication: authentication

For examples and documentation see


Please see LICENSE.txt for details.


For more detailed information on the API with examples visit the online documentation at


Please see for information.


Copyright (c) 2013 - 2016 MasterCard International Incorporated All rights reserved.


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