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var metalsmithFilemetadata = require("metalsmith-filemetadata")

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metalsmith-filemetadata v1.0.0

Metalsmith plugin to add metadata on files based on a pattern


A Metalsmith plugin to add metadata on files based on a pattern.

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$ npm install metalsmith-filemetadata

JavaScript usage

var fileMetadata = require('metalsmith-filemetadata');

    {pattern: "posts/*", metadata: {"section": "blogs", "type": "post"}},
    {pattern: "pages/*", metadata: {"section": "content", "type": "page"}}

The pattern property of each rule should be a valid minimatch pattern. If the pattern matches the file, the corresponding metadata are set on the file entry, For a given file, all patterns are tested, so if several rules are matching, the later can override the previously applied rules.

Adding the preserve: true to any rule will prevent overriding pre-defined values.

CLI usage

  "plugins": {
    "metalsmith-filemetadata": [
      {"pattern": "posts/*", "metadata": {"section": "blogs", "type": "post"}},
      {"pattern": "pages/*", "metadata": {"section": "content", "type": "page"}}



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