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var metalsmithIf = require("metalsmith-if")

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metalsmith-if v0.1.1

A Metalsmith plugin that allows you to execute another plugin conditionally.


A metalsmith plugin for adding conditional steps to your build process.

This is very useful when paired with metalsmith-watch and metalsmith-serve for skipping those plugins based on command-line flags or when in a non-interactive environment, for instance.


$ npm install metalsmith-if --save


Pass the plugin to Metalsmith#use:

var msIf = require('metalsmith-if');

    plugin() // this plugin will run
    plugin() // this plugin will not

The conditional can be any truthy or falsy statement; the plugin will run as if it had been called directly inside the use().

One 'gotcha': when using metalsmith-watch or other plugins that perform some immediate action upon instantiating (i.e. the livereload functionality), you may need to use the same conditional inside the options object to disable that. For example: = false;




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