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var metalsmithInlineSvg = require("metalsmith-inline-svg")

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metalsmith-inline-svg v0.1.4

metalsmith plugin that inlines svg images into html files


A metalsmith plugin that inlines svg images into your html to reduce the number of http requests.

Remember to be selective over which svgs you inline. If you inline svgs which appear on multiple pages you wont benefit from caching which you get with individually loaded files!

This plugin doesn't remove the svg files after as it does no checking to see if they're used elsewhere.


npm install metalsmith-inline-svg


var inlineSVG = require('metalsmith-inline-svg');



You can pass options to metalsmith-inline-svg with the Javascript API or CLI. The options are:

  • selector: A jQuery/cheerio selector string used to find the images to be replaced (default 'img.svg')
  • removeDefs: A boolean which tells the plugin whether to remove <defs /> tags. I had some issues where the DOMParser was not correctly closing empty defs tags so we strip them out. (default true)


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