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var mhSimplifyCoordinates = require("mh-simplify-coordinates")

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mh-simplify-coordinates v1.0.2

simplify coordinates by killometers

MH Simplify Coordinates

Algorithm based on Ramer–Douglas–Peucker Algorithm it simplify coordinates by kilometers

The starting curve is an ordered set of points or lines and the distance dimension ε > 0.

The algorithm Recursion divides the line. Initially it is given all the points between the first and last point. It automatically marks the first and last point to be kept. It then finds the point that is furthest from the line segment with the first and last points as end points; this point is obviously furthest on the curve from the approximating line segment between the end points. If the point is closer than ε to the line segment, then any points not currently marked to be kept can be discarded without the simplified curve being worse than ε.

If the point furthest from the line segment is greater than ε from the approximation then that point must be kept. The algorithm recursively calls itself with the first point and the furthest point and then with the furthest point and the last point, which includes the furthest point being marked as kept.

When the recursion is completed a new output curve can be generated consisting of all and only those points that have been marked as kept.

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npm install mh-simplify-coordinates



simplify coordinates


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