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micro-indexeddb lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("micro-indexeddb/[??]")

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micro-indexeddb v1.0.2

💎 Micro JavaScript Library for implementation local 💾 Database IndexedDB that is durable and scalable.

Micro IndexedDB

🔖 Description

💎 Micro JavaScript Library for implementation local 💾 Database IndexedDB that is durable and scalable. Include this library into your native JavaScript application with embed script type module or your React, Angular and others frameworks with npm module.

📐 How to work with this project

Native JavaScript

Copy "index.js" file into the main folder of your JavaScript application and import it with a simple script reference into other js file, for example "db.js".

import Db from "./index.js";


npm i micro-indexeddb
import Db from "micro-indexeddb";


// Define and init Database
Db.init("myDB", 1, [{
  name: "Article",
  details: {
    keyPath: "id"

// Save data into Database
const id = await Db.add("Article", {
  "title": "Hello World V.1"

// Get all data from registered
const result = await Db.findById("Article", id);

// Update data with keypath
await Db.put("Article", {
  "id": id,
  "title": "Hello World V.2"

// Remove data with keypath
await Db.delete("Article", id);

📂 Code Scaffolding

├── assets 🌈                   # Images Sources.
├── src 📦                      # Main file library.
|   └── ...
└── ...

⛽️ Review and Update Sependencies

For review and update all npm dependencies of this project you need install in global npm package "npm-check-updates" npm module.

# Install and Run
$npm i -g npm-check-updates



Happy Code

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