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var miniprogramDownloader = require("miniprogram-downloader")

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miniprogram-downloader v5.1.10

minprogram download package

miniprogram-downloader npm version

An axios API like Download package for MiniProgram

小程序下载封装 小程序网络库miniprogram-network 核心库之一



  • download<T>(options: DownloadOption): Promise<T>;
  • download<T>(url: string, filePath?: string, options?): Promise<T>


  • [x] url 地址 required (只能请求时设置for single request)
  • [x] filePath 保存地址 (只能请求时设置for single request)
  • [x] cancelToken 取消 (只能请求时设置for single request)
  • [x] onProgressUpdate 下载进度响应 (只能请求时设置for single request)
  • [x] onHeadersReceived 接收头响应 (只能请求时设置for single request)
  • [x] timeout 自定义超时时间ms (只能请求时设置for single request)
  • [x] headers 请求头
  • [x] params URL参数
  • [x] baseURL 根URL
  • [x] retry 重试次数
  • [x] timestamp 是否记录发送和响应时间戳
  • [x] transformSend 输入转换函数
  • [x] transformResponse 输出转换函数

Global Listeners

  • [x] onSend (before request data send & after request data transformed)
  • [x] onResponse (after request response data transformed)
  • [x] onRejected (before catch of Promise)
  • [x] onAbort
  • [x] onComplete



npm i miniprogram-downloader

quick start

import {Download} from 'miniprogram-downloder';'item/1.jpg')
        .then(applyFunction) // 返回数据
        .then(applyFunction) // 返回数据


import {DOWNLOAD,transformDownloadResponseOkData} from 'miniprogram-downloder';
// 根据状态码,直接返回保存地址

            console.log(path)//path 为保存路径

//返回完整数据 对当前下载有效'item/1.jpg',null,{transformResponse:(res,o)=>res})
        .then(console.log) //打印 返回的Object

CancelToken (abort)

可通过cancel token 方式取消请求

import { DOWNLOAD, CancelToken } from 'miniprogram-downloader';

// 创建一个 tokensource
const source = CancelToken.source();'items','tempfile' , { 
    // 配置 cancelToken
    cancelToken: source.token 

// 需要取消操作时
source.cancel('cancel the download');
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