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var mistCli = require("mist-cli")

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mist-cli v0.4.6

Mist Cli tool based on mist-api

Mist Cli

This package is dependent on the mist-api package, which currently is working with Linux x64, OSX x64 and Raspberry Pi, on nodejs v6, v8, v10. To get it working you also need to run a Wish Core on the same host.


If you ended up here by accident, you might not get this to work.

  1. Download and install node.js v.6.x. (tested on v6.9.2), v8.x or v10.x.

    The node version manager "nvm" works well for this purpose:

  2. Download and run wish-core (choose the desired target platform

chmod +x ./wish-core-v0.10.0-beta-5-x64-linux
  1. Get command line tool wish-cli
npm install -g wish-cli
  1. Create an identity with wish-cli
identity.create('John Andersson')

Install and run

node --version #should return 6.x, 8.x or 10.x depending on what is your active node.js
npm install -g mist-cli


git clone
cd mist-cli-nodejs
npm install
node --version #should return 6.x
node run


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