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mk-drawer lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("mk-drawer/[??]")

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mk-drawer v1.0.0

A library agnostic, mobile friendly UI widget


A library agnostic, fully customizable, CSS animated UI widget. You can attach it to any block. You can place it on any side. You can change view of trigger button, or assign any other element as a trigger. Does not impose any constraints on drawer content.



Include script and style sheet into you page:

<script src="path/to/plugin/mk-drawer.min.js"></script>
<link href="path/to/plugin/mk-drawer.min.css" rel="stylesheet">


var drawer = new mk.drawer(content);
var drawer = new mk.drawer(options);
var drawer = new mk.drawer(content,options);

Content can be a HTML-string or DOM Element. If string given, drawer will be attached to document body. If DOM Element given, drawer will be attached to its parent node.

Options is a set of drawer options

Details and Demo

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