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var mongoCi = require("mongo-ci")

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mongo-ci v1.3.2

Node.js MongoDB testing package


This library is created to prepare environment for testing with MongoDB, especially designed to work well with CI.


$ npm install -D mongo-ci


import * as mongoCI from 'mongo-ci';

describte('Repository Test', () => {
  beforeAll(async (done) => mongoCI.init(process.env.MONGO_HOST || 'localhost').then(done));
  beforeEach(async (done) => mongoCI.load(mockData).then(done));
  afterEach(async (done) => mongoCI.deleteAll().then(done));
  afterAll(async (done) => mongoCI.drop().then(done));

The mock data:

import { ObjectId } from 'mongodb';

export const mockData = {
        '_id': new ObjectId('0123456789abcdef01234560'),
        'devices': [],
        'lastModified': '1572945305311',
        '_id': new ObjectId('0123456789abcdef01234561'),
        'parent': '0123456789abcdef01234560',
        'devices': [],
        'lastModified': '1572945305311',

In the GitLab-CI configuration, i.e. .gitlab-ci.yml:

  NODE_VERSION: 12.0.0

  stage: test
  image: node:${NODE_VERSION}
  allow_failure: false
    - mongo
    MONGO_HOST: 'mongo'
    Host: 'mongo'
    Database: 'test'
    - npm test

Travis-CI configuration is similar. For further details please refer to this document.

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