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require("webpack/package.json"); // webpack is a peer dependency. var msWebpack = require("ms-webpack")

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ms-webpack v2.0.0

A webpack plugin for Metalsmith


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A webpack plugin for Metalsmith.


add to your package.js dependencies

npm install --save ms-webpack


var webpack = require('ms-webpack')

var config = {
  context: './src/assets/',
  entry: {
    main: ['./js/main.js', './css/main.css'],
    vendor: './js/ventor.js'
  output: {
    path: './build',
    publicPath: '/',
    filename: 'js/[name].[chunkhash].js'
  // ...


It is necessary to manually use ignore() to prevent metalsmith from copying the files referenced by webpack if they are within the metalsmith source directory.


See the webpack configuration documentation for details.

Referencing compiled files in templates

ms-webpack populates metalsmith metadata with the output file paths from webpack. If your output file names are dynamic, this provides a way to automatically resolve them in your template.

metadata.webpack.assets maps of all source file names to their corresponding output files. eg:

  "main.js": "/js/main.1234567890.js",
  "main.css": "/css/main.1234567890.css",
  "vendor.js": "/js/vendor.654210987.js"

metadata.webpack.assetsByType is a map of all output files sorted by file extension. eg:

  "js": ["/js/main.1234567890.js", "/js/vendor.654210987.js"]
  "css": ["/css/main.7654321098.css"]

example medatada use in a template

    - var styleSheets = webpack.assetsByType.css
    if styleSheets
      each file in styleSheets
        link(rel="stylesheet" href=file)
    //- ...
    - var scripts = webpack.assetsByType.js
    if scripts
      each file in scripts


Compile and watch with $ npm run dev


MIT License, see LICENSE for details.

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