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var museeks = require("museeks")

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museeks v0.7.1

A simple, clean and cross-platform music player, written with Node.js, Electron and React.js.


Build Status Dependencies Gitter

A simple, clean and cross-platform music player, backed by a local P2P network. (


It uses:



  • Lightweight music player
  • Polished
  • Playlists
  • Queue management
  • Shuffle, loop
  • Covers
  • Dark theme
  • Playback speed control
  • Sleep mode blocker
  • Supported formats:
    • mp3
    • mp4
    • m4a/aac
    • wav
    • ogg
    • 3gpp


Releases notes




Builds can be found at this page. Please notice those are only portable versions. Installers are on the road.

Build (advanced)

Please consider that master is unstable.

  • Download Electron
  • Download Museeks source code
  • Put it in a folder called app in [Electron path]/resources
  • npm install && npm run compile
  • Run Electron



Museeks is currently in development. This implies some things can break after an update (database schemes changes, config...).

If you encounter freezes when starting the app, you can reset Museeks by following these steps:

  • Go to the Museeks folder directory
    • Windows: %AppData%\museeks
    • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/museeks
    • Linux: ~/.config/museeks/ or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/museeks
  • Delete:
    • IndexedDB folder
    • config.json file
  • Restart Museeks

If you still get problems after that, please open an issue :)


Bug report

If you want to report a bug, first, thanks a lot. To help us, please indicate your OS, your Museeks version, and how to reproduce it. Adding a screen of the console (Settings -> Advanced -> enable dev mode) is a big help too.



Read about the code architecture in docs/code/architecture.



  • Fork and clone

  • Master is usually unstable, checkout to a tag to have a stable state of the app

  • Install the latest version of electron either by running npm install -g electron or downloading the latest release available here and just drop the app on resources/ folder.

  • You can use electron now with electron [electronapp-dir] command if you installed electron using npm or by running your downloaded electron.

  • npm install && npm run dev then run in a separate terminal electron .

  • npm run dev will watch for file changes using Webpack which will recompile JSX and SASS files.

  • Enable dev mode in the app in the settings view to show DevTools

Please respect a few rules:

  • Before making complex stuff, don't hesitate to open an issue first to discuss about it
  • Make the code readable and comment if needed
  • Make sure npm run lint passes

Then open a PR :)


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