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var mustacher = require("mustacher")

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mustacher v0.2.6

Perfect for templating eZPublish, Magento, Drupal... CMS models

Mustacher Built with Grunt

MIT License NPM version NPM downloads build coverage

Designed for fit my own needs to build HTML static pages to be incorpored inside a website based on Magento, eZPublish or Drupal templates

It provide an easy way to include handlebar's partials files inside HTML template page with a minimal list of helpers like include, repeat (loop), or, and, livereload...


npm install mustacher --save

Exposed helpers



const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
const mustacher = require('mustacher');

// variables at root level touched by any helper
const context = { private: 'as @root.private' };

// default config
const config = {
  cwd: __dirname,
  delimiter: {
    ldim: '{{',
    rdim: '}}',
  partials: {
    ext: '.hbs',
    src: 'partials',

const templateFile = path.join(__dirname, 'index.html');
const outputfile = path.join(__dirname, '..', 'public', 'index.html');

const fsOptions = { encoding: 'utf8' };
const templateContent = fs.readFileSync(templateFile, fsOptions);
const compiledOutput = mustacher(templateContent, <context>, <config>);
fs.writeFileSync(outputfile, compiledOutput, fsOptions);



<div class="part">
  {{$include 'relative/to/root/path/to/template'}}

$css & $js helper

  ... {{$css 'path/to/css/file'}}
  <!-- include inline -->
  {{$css '__build__/path/to/css/file' true}} ...
    <div id="main-footer">
    {{$js 'path/to/js/file'}}

$image (default width: 300)

<div class="image">
<div class="image">
  {{$image 300}}
<div class="image">
  {{$image 300 200}}


<img src="my/file.png?{{$timestamp}}" alt="" title="" />
<img src="my/file.png?{{$timestamp 20}}" alt="" title="" />


<div id="footer">
  {{$livereload 1337}}


  <b>{{$random 1 31}}</b>
<span>{{$random 0 1 true}}</span>



{{$ldim}}toto {{$ldim}}toto{{$rdim}}


toto{{$rdim}} {{$ldim}}toto{{$rdim}}


{{$css 'path/to/file'}} {{$css 'path/to/file.min'}} {{$css 'path/to/file.min'


{{$js 'path/to/file'}} {{$js 'path/to/file.min'}} {{$js 'path/to/file.min'



  {{#repeat 4}}
  <li class="{{class}}">
    <a href="" alt="{{count}} of {{of}}">item </a>
      <li class="{{#if @first}}first{{/if}}">
        <span>sub item {{@../index}}/{{@index}}</span>


{{#and true false ...}}


{{#or true false ...}}


{{#equal 'toto' 'blague'}}


not yet implemented

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