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var myanmarNumbers = require("myanmar-numbers")

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myanmar-numbers v2.1.3

Convert between Myanmar, Shan, and Arabic numerals, Numbers, and Dates


Simple JavaScript library to convert between Myanmar/Burmese, Shan, and Arabic numerals (0-9).

Does parsing to return Number and Date types when possible.

You may need to install fonts to see Myanmar and Shan numbers.

Alternative to convert into Myanmar numerals: myanmar-numeral package from Fraser Xu.

Package to convert dates to traditional / Myanmar Civil Calendar coming soon.


Convert to Arabic numerals

> 80

myanmarNumbers("၅၂ West Road");
> "52 West Road"

> Fri Apr 02 2010 00:00:00

Convert to Myanmar numerals

myanmarNumbers(80, "my");
> "၈ဝ"

myanmarNumbers("52 West Road", "my");
> "၅၂ West Road"

myanmarNumbers(new Date("April 2, 2010"), "my");
> "၂.၄.၂ဝ၁ဝ"

Convert to Shan numerals

myanmarNumbers(80, "shan");
> "႘႐"


npm install myanmar-numbers
var myanmarNumbers = require("myanmar-numbers");
myanmarNumbers("၅၂ West Road");


MIT License

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