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var nVimeo = require("n-vimeo")

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n-vimeo v0.3.0

Vimeo API (data) Integration for the rest of us

Vimeo API Interaction with node.js

Build Status

Simple Vimeo API interaction for node.js based on request

npm install n-vimeo


var vimeo = require('n-vimeo').vimeo;

// Get the albums from user = brad
vimeo('user', 'brad','albums', function(err,data){
  // Work with data o handle the error


There is a vimeo-client already but that module expose a middleware for upload and oauth process. But what I needed was a client to work with the data API of vimeo, so I created this module.


As I explain above, all the methods works in the same way, you expose the vimeo function at require. So then you can use it:


Where METHOD can be:

channel, user, activity, video, album, group

ID can be: The user, channel, group Identificator.

And REQUEST are the options for every method, video no use a request param.

Also, you can use specific methods like: user, video, or activity as follow:

var user = require('n-vimeo').user;

user('brad', 'album', function(err,data){
  // data

O video:

var video = require('n-vimeo').video;

video('32646874', function(err,data){
  // Here the API expose three new objects: raw, thumb, username
  console.log(data.raw); // The whole response of the call
  data.thumb; // expose the 3 different sizes of thumbnail, thubm.s, thumb.m, thumb.l;
  data.username; // video owner


Licence: MIT 2012


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