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var nativeshiori = require("nativeshiori")

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nativeshiori v2.3.1

Easy interface for NativeShiori subsystem modules


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What is the NativeShiori?

Emscriptenized Shiori subsystem module that has load(), request(), unload() and wrapped as below.

HogeShiori = function(){
  ... (emscripten code) ...
  this['Module'] = Module;
  this['FS'] = FS;

These modules has too low level interface to use conveniently.

This is easy handler module for them.


this requires encoding-japanese

bower install nativeshiori


npm install nativeshiori

or download zip archive


<script src="encoding.min.js"></script>
<script src="nativeshiori.js"></script>
<script src="nativeshiori-encode.js"></script>


var kawarirc_str = 'System.Callback.OnGET: test\r\n';
var kawarirc = Encoding.convert(Encoding.stringToCode(kawarirc_str), 'SJIS', 'UNICODE');
var storage = {
  'kawarirc.kis': new Uint8Array(kawarirc) // filename: ArrayBuffer or Uint8Array

var nativeshiori = new NativeShioriEncode(new NativeShiori(new HogeShiori())); // Shiori instance (with auto charset convert)

nativeshiori.push('/path/to/ghost/master/', storage); // write files in storage to FS (/path/to/ghost/master/*)

var load_code = nativeshiori.load('/path/to/ghost/master/'); // load() **CAUTION**: SHIORI/3.0 load() expects path separator (ex. '/') at the end of dirpath

var response = nativeshiori.request('GET SHIORI/3.0\r\nCharset: Shift_JIS\r\nID: OnBoot\r\n\r\n'); // request()

var unload_code = nativeshiori.unload(); // unload()

var after_storage = nativeshiori.pull('/path/to/ghost/master/'); // read and unlink files in FS and return them (filename: ArrayBuffer)


(C) 2014-2018 Narazaka : Licensed under The MIT License


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