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require("nemo/package.json"); // nemo is a peer dependency. var nemoSaucelabs = require("nemo-saucelabs")

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nemo-saucelabs v5.0.1

updates Sauce Labs jobs with test information and test results

nemo saucelabs

nemo.js integration with

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This plugin exposes methods to update the metadata of running Sauce Labs job, e.g. Test Name, Test tags, Build Id and Test result (Pass/Fail) on Sauce Labs dashboard. It also exposes a method to get Job URL to print on your test reports. Once nemo-saucelabs plugin is registered, you will have nemo.saucelabs object available.

This is v3 of this plugin, which requires as a peer dependency nemo@^3.0.0-alpha.6, which in turn required node v6 or later

Installation and usage

Use npm to install nemo-saucelabs into your project:

npm install --save-dev nemo-saucelabs@^3.0.0

for Cucumber 2, install >v5.0.0. Mocha is supported as is.

npm install --save-dev nemo-saucelabs@^5.0.1

Then, define the nemo-saucelabs plugin in your config/config.json under plugins section and specify Sauce Labs username and accessKey under serverCaps section:

  "plugins": {
    "saucelabs": {
      "module": "nemo-saucelabs"
  "driver": {
    "browser": "chrome",
    "server": "",
    "serverCaps": {
      "username": "sauce-username",
      "accessKey": "sauce-access-key", // not a real access key
      "platform": "MAC",
      "version": "27.0"


1. Update Sauce Labs Job: updateJob(data)

request fields:

name:           [string] update the job name,
cucumber_tags:  [scenario.getTags()] nemo-saucelabs will traverse cucumber tags and get tag names to update the job tags
tags:           [list of strings] array of tags to update the job tags,
build:          [int] The build number being tested,
custom-data:    [JSON] a set of key-value pairs with any extra info that a user would like to add to the job. Max 64KB.


var options = {
  name: scenario.getName(),
  cucumber_tags: scenario.getTags(),
  build: build_id,
  custom-data: {
    testInfo: 'information about test or cause of test failure...'

  .then(function() { /* process success results */ })
  .catch(function(err) { /* process error */ });
2. Update Sauce Labs Job Result: isJobPassed(isPassed)

request fields:

passed: [boolean]


var isPassed = test.isPassed();
  .then(function() { /* process success results */ })
  .catch(function(err) { /* process error */ });
3. Get Sauce Labs Job URL: getJobUrl()


  .then(function(url) { /* do something with url e.g. `console.log` */ })
  .catch(function(err) { /* process error */ });
// example saucelabs url:
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