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require("netlify-cms/package.json"); // netlify-cms is a peer dependency. require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. var netlifyCmsWidgetInlineSelect = require("netlify-cms-widget-inline-select")

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netlify-cms-widget-inline-select v1.3.3

Widget for radios and inline multi-checkboxes in Netlify CMS.


Check out the demo!

Inline radio + multi-checkboxes select widget.

npm version Build Status module formats: cjs License: MIT

semantic-release code style: prettier


This widget was inspired by original netlify-cms-widget-select.


As an npm package:

npm install --save netlify-cms-widget-inline-select
import { InlineSelectControl, InlineSelectPreview } from 'netlify-cms-widget-inline-select';

CMS.registerWidget('inline-select', InlineSelectControl, InlineSelectPreview);

How to use

Add to your Netlify CMS configuration:

  - name: radio_select
    label: Radio select
    widget: inline-select
    options: ['left', 'center', 'right']


You can customize the preview of the url with these options:

  • options - you can also specify the value and label in options option
  - name: radio_select
    label: Most recent framework
    widget: inline-select
      - { value: react, label: React }
      - { value: angular, label: Angular 1.x }
      - { value: vue, label: Vue.js }
      - { value: $, label: jQuery }
  • multiple - add ability to select multiple items
  - name: checkboxes_select
    label: Favorite frameworks
    widget: inline-select
    multiple: true
    options: ['React', 'Angular', 'Vue', 'Other']




For help with this widget, open an issue or ask the Netlify CMS community in Gitter.

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