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var netlifyDeploymentHoursPlugin = require("netlify-deployment-hours-plugin")

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netlify-deployment-hours-plugin v0.0.10

Block deployment if outside of deployment hours.

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A Netlify build plugin that blocks deployment if it is outside of deployment hours.


To install, add the following lines to your netlify.toml file:

package = "netlify-deployment-hours-plugin"

Note: The [[plugins]] line is required for each plugin, even if you have other plugins in your netlify.toml file already.

There are two inputs used to configure this plugin:

package = "netlify-deployment-hours-plugin"

  # A cron-like expression that expresses when a deployment can occur
  expression = "* * * * *"
  # tz database value that expresses the timezone of the expression
  timezone = "America/Toronto"

Both are passed into cron-allowed-range to determine if a deployment should proceed. See the cron-allowed-range documentation for more details on how to form the cron-like expression.

The inputs can be overridden with environment variables for scenarios where emergency deploys were required outside of regular deployment hours:

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