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var ngAsyncImg = require("ng-async-img")

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ng-async-img v1.0.4

An angular.js directive for asynchronous, $animate-aware image tags.


An angular.js directive for asynchronous, $animate-aware image tags.



  1. Install the ngAsyncImg package

    via NPM

    npm install ng-async-img --save

    or via BOWER

    bower install ng-async-img --save
  2. Include the library into your application:

    if installed via NPM include from node_modules

    <script src="/node_modules/ng-async-img/lib/ng-async-img.min.js"></script>

    if installed via Bower include from bower_components

    <script src="/bower_components/ng-async-img/lib/ng-async-img.min.js"></script>


  1. Add a dependency to ngAsyncImg to your app
angular.module('myApp', ['ngAsyncImg']);
  1. Use the async-img directive in your markup
<async-img src="/path/to/your/img.png"></async-img>

The image will then be loaded asynchronously and the <async-img>-tag replaced by a regular <img>-tag when the image has loaded. This is done via $animate.enter() which enables CSS-animation via .ng-enter.

The <async-img> will retain all attributes of the initial <async-img> and have the .async-img class.

Example: CSS animation to fade in async images

In your markup:

<!-- ... -->
<async-img src="/path/to/your/img.png" class="some-class" an-attribute="1"></async>
<!-- ... -->

In your stylesheets:

 * Fade-in asynchronously loaded images
.async-img {
  transition: opacity 0.4s ease-in-out;
} {
  opacity: 0;
} {
  opacity: 1;
} {
  opacity: 0;

Markup after the <async-img> has finished loading:

<img src="/path/to/your/img.png" class="some-class async-img" an-attribute="1" />




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