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var ng2SoilInputForm = require("ng2-soil-input-form")

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ng2-soil-input-form v2.1.1

Add a soil input form to Angular2 projects.

Angular 2 soil input form

license screenshot

An Angular2 component that allows one to insert a soil pit entry form into a project. This is highly influenced by the soil data sheets that we use here in Western Canada, but I suspect it would be a solid starting point for any soil pit data collection needs.

The project is part of the larger Saskatchewan Soil Information Systemn (SKSIS- link to come).


npm i ng2-soil-input-form --save


import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { SoilPitFormModule } from 'ng2-soil-input-form';

  imports     : [ SoilPitFormModule ]

export class YourModule {}
import { Component } from '@angular/core';

    selector: 'your-component',
    template: `<soil-pit-form></soil-pit-form>`
export class YourComponent {}

handling data

The form will emit a soilFormSubmittedEmitter event upon submission.

<soil-pit-form (soilFormSubmittedEmitter)="yourHandlingFunctionHere($event)"></soil-pit-form>

In the near future I expect to to provide an API that will provide CRUD operations on soil pit data if you don't want to store it yourself.


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