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ngx-i18nsupport-lib v1.10.2

A Typescript library to work with Angular generated i18n files (xliff, xmb)

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A Typescript library to work with Angular generated i18n files (XLIFF Version 1.2 and 2.0, XMB)

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npm install ngx-i18nsupport-lib --save-dev



This class is the entry point of the library. You can use TranslationMessagesFileFactory to load Angular generated message files. The format of the files can be XLIFF 1.2, XLIFF 2.0 or XMB.

It returns a format independent abstraction of the file content, which is described in the interfade ITranslationMessagesFile


// Usage of fromFileContent to read a file with a known format
let filename = ...;
let encoding = 'UTF-8';
let content = fs.readFileSync(filename, encoding);
let file: ITranslationMessagesFile
  = TranslationMessagesFileFactory.fromFileContent('xlf', content, filename, encoding);
console.log(Utils.format('Translation from %s to %s', 
file.forEachTransUnit((tu: ITransUnit) => {

You can also use fromUnknownFormatFileContent to read a file of any supported format. The library will detect the correct file format:

let file: ITranslationMessagesFile
  = TranslationMessagesFileFactory.fromUnknownFormatFileContent(content, filename, encoding);


A messages file.

For API details have a look at the interface.


A single translation contained in the messages file.

For API details have a look at the interface.


npm test

This will run a testsuite that checks all relevant aspects of the library.


I did not really think about contributions, because it is just a small experimental project.

But if you are interesting, send me an email, so that we can discuss it.


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