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require("@angular/common/package.json"); // @angular/common is a peer dependency. require("@angular/core/package.json"); // @angular/core is a peer dependency. var ngxMozLayouter = require("ngx-moz-layouter")

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ngx-moz-layouter v1.9.2

Angular 4 flexsible layout with amazing animations. Based on CSS grid

ngx-moz-layouter - Angular library built with ❤ using ngx-library yeoman generator.

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View all the directives in action at


  • Angular (requires Angular 2 or higher, tested with 2.0.0)


Install above dependencies via npm.

Now install ngx-moz-layouter via:

npm install --save ngx-moz-layouter


Note:If you are using SystemJS, you should adjust your configuration to point to the UMD bundle. In your systemjs config file, map needs to tell the System loader where to look for ngx-moz-layouter:

map: {
  'ngx-moz-layouter': 'node_modules/ngx-moz-layouter/bundles/ngx-moz-layouter.umd.js',

Once installed you need to import the main module:

import { LibModule } from 'ngx-moz-layouter';

The only remaining part is to list the imported module in your application module. The exact method will be slightly different for the root (top-level) module for which you should end up with the code similar to (notice MozLayoutModule.forRoot()):

import { LibModule } from 'ngx-moz-layouter';

  declarations: [AppComponent, ...],
  imports: [MozLayoutModule.forRoot(), ...],  
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {

Other modules in your application can simply import MozLayoutModule:

import { LibModule } from 'ngx-moz-layouter';

  declarations: [OtherComponent, ...],
  imports: [MozLayoutModule, ...], 
export class OtherModule {



Copyright (c) 2017 Andrius Mozūraitis ( Licensed under the MIT License (MIT)

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