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require("mdns/package.json"); // mdns is a peer dependency. var nodeAcp = require("node-acp")

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node-acp v0.6.0

A Node.js implementation of the management protocol of Apple's AirPort devices.


A Node.js implementation of the management protocol of Apple's AirPort devices.


As some properties use 64 bit numbers which are handled with ES2020 BigInts Node.js v10.8 is required.


node-acp is published to npm and GitHub Package Respository.

Global installation

Install node-acp globally if you want to use the acp command.

# From
npm install --global node-acp

# From
npm install --global --registry @samuelthomas2774/node-acp

Local installation

Install node-acp locally if you want to use it as a dependency in your project.

# From
npm install node-acp
import Client from 'node-acp';

const client = new Client('airport-base-station.local', 5009, 'testing');

await client.connect();
// If you don't call authenticate after connecting control messages will still work but they'll be sent unencrypted
// Basically, always call authenticate and wait for it to complete after connecting
await client.authenticate();

// ...

Command line usage

Get a property

acp --host airport-base-station.local --password testing getprop syNm

Set a property

acp --host airport-base-station.local --password testing setprop syNm "AirPort Base Station"

Get supported features

acp --host airport-base-station.local --password testing features

# This doesn't require authentication, but the admin password is required to enable encryption
acp --host airport-base-station.local --no-encryption features


acp --host airport-base-station.local --password testing reboot

Firmware decryption

# Download and validate firmware
curl -o firmware-120-7.9.1.basebinary
[ "`cat firmware-120-7.9.1.basebinary | openssl dgst -sha256`" == "b6eb7068ef890ba1cae8cfe17a54be3811b77fe5eb918f3d9fda23b8ff7841d7" ] || exit 1

airport-firmware decrypt firmware-120-7.9.1.basebinary firmware-120-7.9.1-decrypted-1.basebinary
airport-firmware decrypt firmware-120-7.9.1-decrypted-1.basebinary firmware-120-7.9.1-decrypted-2.gzimg
airport-firmware extract firmware-120-7.9.1-decrypted-2.gzimg firmware-120-7.9.1-extracted.img
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