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node-hashit v0.4.0

Node.js object hash library


Fast node.js hash library with sorting and typing. Provides Hasher class. stringifyit provides stringify Symbol to allow you customize stringifying your own classes.

Using node.js crypto module and stringifyit library. For browsers you can use crypto-browserify or only stringifyit library.

See benchmarks for compare to other libs.


npm i node-hashit --save


  • Supports node.js >= 4.0.0
  • Supports Map/WeakMap, Set/WeakSet and typed arrays
  • Supports algorithms and encodings from node.js crypto module
  • Supports sort Set, Map, object keys and optional sort arrays
  • Supports custom stringify rules for user-defined classes (provided by stringifyit library)
  • One of the fastest hash libraries




Provides interface to hash any value


hashit(value, [options])string

Helper for simple hash single value


Provides interface to hash any value

Kind: global class

new Hasher([options])


hasher.update(value, [inputEncoding])

Updates hash with stringified value

Kind: instance method of Hasher

  • HashitRangeError
[inputEncoding]stringInput encoding

hasher.digest([outputEncoding]) ⇒ string | Buffer

Kind: instance method of Hasher

[outputEncoding]stringOutput encoding (if null Buffer will be returned)

Hasher~options : Stringifier~options

Kind: inner typedef of Hasher


algorithmstring"md5"Hash algorithm
inputEncodingstring"utf8"Input encoding
outputEncodingstring"hex"Output encoding (if null Buffer will be returned)

hashit(value, [options]) ⇒ string

Helper for simple hash single value

Kind: global function



const {hashit} = require('node-hashit');

hashit({key: 'value', value: 'key'}) === hashit({value: 'key', key: 'value'}); // true
hashit(new Set(['value1', 'value2'])) === hashit(new Set(['value2', 'value1'])); // true
hashit(new Map([['key', 'value'], ['value', 'key']])) === hashit(new Map([['value', 'key'], ['key', 'value']])); // true
hashit([1, 2, 3]) === hashit([1, 2, 3]); // true
hashit([1, 2, 3], {sortArrays: true}) === hashit([1, 3, 2], {sortArrays: true}); // true

hashit([1, 2, 3]) === hashit([1, 3, 2]); // false
hashit(5) === hashit('5'); // false


Benchmarked with Node.js v6.9.5


  • npm run benchOps to run comparison operations/second with other libs for different cases
  • npm run benchHeap to run comparison heap using with other libs for complex cases
  • npm run benchSpeed to run benchmarking hashit operations/second for different cases


Operations/second comparison (+includePrimitiveTypes +sortArrays) source

hashit/array x 255,710 ops/sec ±1.54% (86 runs sampled)
nodeObjectHash/array x 174,084 ops/sec ±2.11% (84 runs sampled)
hashObject/array x 140,706 ops/sec ±1.56% (82 runs sampled)
objectHash/array x 48,767 ops/sec ±1.55% (88 runs sampled)

hashit/object x 426,051 ops/sec ±1.18% (82 runs sampled)
nodeObjectHash/object x 354,923 ops/sec ±1.59% (83 runs sampled)
hashObject/object x 350,324 ops/sec ±1.40% (84 runs sampled)
objectHash/object x 27,030 ops/sec ±1.39% (83 runs sampled)

hashit/nestedObject x 23,762 ops/sec ±1.33% (87 runs sampled)
nodeObjectHash/nestedObject x 16,252 ops/sec ±4.74% (81 runs sampled)
hashObject/nestedObject x 17,689 ops/sec ±1.92% (85 runs sampled)
objectHash/nestedObject x 657 ops/sec ±1.27% (84 runs sampled)

hashit/complexObject_5items x 19,677 ops/sec ±1.54% (86 runs sampled)
nodeObjectHash/complexObject_5items x 9,922 ops/sec ±1.58% (87 runs sampled)
hashObject/complexObject_5items x 2,561 ops/sec ±1.65% (84 runs sampled)
objectHash/complexObject_5items x 1,433 ops/sec ±1.37% (85 runs sampled)

hashit/complexObject_10items x 10,385 ops/sec ±1.58% (86 runs sampled)
nodeObjectHash/complexObject_10items x 4,906 ops/sec ±2.10% (86 runs sampled)
hashObject/complexObject_10items x 1,331 ops/sec ±1.21% (85 runs sampled)
objectHash/complexObject_10items x 722 ops/sec ±1.65% (82 runs sampled)

hashit/complexObject_100items x 944 ops/sec ±1.55% (84 runs sampled)
nodeObjectHash/complexObject_100items x 483 ops/sec ±1.72% (84 runs sampled)
hashObject/complexObject_100items x 129 ops/sec ±1.35% (70 runs sampled)
objectHash/complexObject_100items x 66.61 ops/sec ±1.44% (65 runs sampled)

hashit faster in cases: array, object, nestedObject, complexObject_5items, complexObject_10items, complexObject_100items (6)

Heap using comparison (+includePrimitiveTypes +sortArrays) source

LibraryTime (ms)Memory (Mb)

Operations/second hashit benchmarking (+includePrimitiveTypes -sortArrays) source

array x 362,314 ops/sec ±0.97% (84 runs sampled)
object x 434,386 ops/sec ±1.78% (85 runs sampled)
nestedObject x 23,896 ops/sec ±1.35% (85 runs sampled)
complexObject_5items x 20,820 ops/sec ±1.56% (86 runs sampled)
complexObject_10items x 10,930 ops/sec ±1.55% (84 runs sampled)
complexObject_100items x 981 ops/sec ±1.68% (83 runs sampled)
set x 119,927 ops/sec ±2.33% (83 runs sampled)
map x 111,666 ops/sec ±2.27% (83 runs sampled)




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