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node-red-contrib-neo4j-bolt v2.2.0

Node RED node for neo4j

Neo4j Bolt with shareable driver

A Node-RED node with the shareable server configuration that lets you run generic cypher queries on a Neo4j graph database and receive all types of Neo4j records.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install or home directory (usually ~/.node-red) and will also install needed libraries.

npm install node-red-contrib-neo4j-bolt


First, you define the Neo4j bolt URL and the basic authentication username and password in the configuration node. This node creates a driver which will be shared across all Neo4j-Bolt nodes. Each node creates its own driver session.

You can specify a cypher query in the node configuration or pass to the node as msg.query. The parameters for the query (if needed) are read from msg.params.

  • Example of hard coded query in the configuration of the node.
MATCH (m:Movie {title: "Forrest Gump"}) return m
  • Example of a parameterized query. Query in the configuration:
MATCH (m:Movie {title: $moviename}) return m


{"moviename": "Forrest Gump"}
  • Example of both query and params being passed in msg


MATCH (m:Movie {title: $moviename}) return m


{"moviename": "Forrest Gump"}

The node has two outputs. If the query returns only 1 record, the requested properties of the node are sent to output #1. If the query returns multiple records, an array of requested properties of the nodes are sent to output #2.

This node uses the neo4j-driver package to communicate with Neo4j.

Runtime information

This node was tested to Node.js v7.4.0 and NPM 5.6.0 on Node-Red v0.18.4


This node is based on node-red-contrib-nulli-neo4j by Nulli.

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