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node-siebel v0.0.3

Demonstration of Siebel SOAP connections.


The tests in this library demonstrate connecting to Siebel using the node-soap library. In addition, this library can be used to generate a REST server which forwards requests to Siebel's SOAP API.


npm install node-siebel

Run Tests

npm install -g mocha


For more details and background, please see the tutorial.

Create A REST Server

With some minor changes, this should allow you to start a REST server that forwards requests to a node-soap client.

This is from example.js.

// get HTTP modules
var connect = require('connect'),
    http = require('http'),
    request = require('request'),
    server = connect();

// create a node-soap client
var soap = require('soap'),
    join = require('path').join,
    wsdlPath = join(__dirname, "../data/OrderWebService.WSDL"),
    username = 'SADMIN',
    password = 'SADMIN',
    sessionType = 'None';

soap.createClient(wsdlPath, function(err, client) {
    if (err) {
      throw err;

    client.addSoapHeader("<UsernameToken xmlns=''>" + username + "</UsernameToken>");
    client.addSoapHeader("<PasswordText xmlns=''>" + password + "</PasswordText>");
    client.addSoapHeader("<SessionType xmlns=''>" + sessionType + "</SessionType>");

    // create a REST router to forward to the node-soap client
    var serviceGenerator = require('node-siebel'),
        router = serviceGenerator(client).router;

    // connect the router and start the server

REST endpoints will be generated based on the WSDL you provide. An example Siebel Order Management WSDL is provided which will generate the following endpoints:

POST   /order/:Id  =>  Order/SynchronizeOrder
DELETE /order/:Id  =>  Order/DeleteOrder
GET    /order/:Id  =>  Order/GetOrderById
PUT    /order/:Id  =>  Order/UpdateOrder
GET    /order      =>  Order/GetOrder
POST   /order      =>  Order/InsertOrder

anything else

POST /order/<action>  =>  Order/<action>


Copyright (c) 2014 Pravici, LLC License: MIT

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