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var nodeSlackr = require("node-slackr")

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node-slackr v1.0.1

A node.js module for send notifications to Slack, support multiple channel and attachments


This module has been deprecated.

please move to Slack offecial API


A simple node.js library for send notifications to Slack via Incoming WebHooks.


You can also install via npm:

npm install node-slackr

Initialize client:

Slack = require('node-slackr');
slack = new Slack('https://<incoming-hook-url>');

Initialize with options:

slack = new Slack('https://<incoming-hook-url>',{
  channel: "#development",
  username: "slack-bot",
  icon_url: "",
  icon_emoji: ":ghost:"

Send message:

If channel is not set default channel is #general

slack.notify("Message"); //without callback
slack.notify("Message", function(err, result){

Customized Appearance:

You can customize the name and icon of your Incoming Webhook.

messages = {
    text: "Message",
    channel: "#random",
    username: "new-bot-name",
    icon_url: ""


Send multiple channels:

messages = {
    text: "Message",
    channel: ["#channel1","#channel2","#channel3"]


Message Attachments:

To display a richly-formatted message attachment in Slack, you can use the same JSON payload as above, but add in an attachments array. Each element of this array is a hash containing the following parameters:

messages = {
  text: "Server Down",
  channel: "#alert",
  attachments: [
      fallback: "Detected server down",
      color: "#36a64f", // Can either be one of 'good', 'warning', 'danger'
      fields: [
          title: "Uptime",
          value: "30 Hours",
          short: false
          title: "Downtime",
          value: "20 Minutes",
          short: false

slack.notify(messages, function(err, result) {
    console.log(err, result);


For more information such as send URL link, Message Formatting, @mention and Parsing modes, please follow the link below


Incomg Webook


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