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var noiceJsonRpc = require("noice-json-rpc")

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noice-json-rpc v1.2.0

Noice Json RPC exposes a clean ES6 Proxy and Promise based interface for JSON-RPC2 Clients and Servers

Noice Json Rpc

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Client and Server helpers to implement a clean function based Api for Json Rpc.

Noice Json Rpc takes in a websocket like object. It calls send(msg:str) function and expects messages to come from on('message', handler). It works out of the box with WebSockets but it can also work with stdin/stdout, worker threads, iframes or any other mechanism in which strings can be sent or received.

Its only dependency is events.EventEmitter.

Using ES6 proxies it exposes a clean client-server api. Since its written in TypeScript, the api object can be cast to work off an interface specific to the domain. e.g ChromeDevTools/devtools-protocol


import * as WebSocket from 'ws'
import DevToolsProtocol from 'devtools-protocol'
import * as rpc from '../lib/noice-json-rpc'

async function setupClient() {
    try {
        const rpcClient = new rpc.Client(new WebSocket('ws://localhost:8080'), {logConsole: true})
        const api: DevToolsProtocol.ProtocolApi = rpcClient.api()

        await Promise.all([

        await api.Profiler.start()
        await new Promise(resolve => api.Runtime.on('executionContextDestroyed', resolve)); // Wait for event
        const result = await api.Profiler.stop()

        console.log('Result', result)

    } catch (e) {



Client > {"id":1,"method":"Runtime.enable"}
Client > {"id":3,"method":"Profiler.enable"}
Client > {"id":4,"method":""}
Client < {"id":1,"result":{}}
Client < {"id":2,"result":{}}
Client < {"id":3,"result":{}}
Client < {"id":4,"result":{}}
Client > {"id":5,"method":"Profiler.start"}
Client < {"id":5,"result":{}}
Client < {"method":"Runtime.executionContextDestroyed"}
Client > {"id":6,"method":"Profiler.stop"}
Client < {"id":6,"result":{"data":"noice!"}}
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