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var nowNameCli = require("now-name-cli")

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now-name-cli v1.0.2

Check whether a '' domain name is available on ZEIT Now

now-name-cli Build Status

Check whether a domain name is available on ZEIT Now.


~ ❯❯❯ npm install --global now-name-cli


~ ❯❯❯ now-name --help

    $ now-name <name>

    $ now-name carbon
    ✖ carbon is unavailable
    $ now-name xyz123
    ✔ xyz123 is available
    $ now-name thisisavailable
    ✖ is unavailable
    ✔ thisisavailable is available

  Exits with code 0 when all names are available or 2 when any names are taken


  • npm-name-cli - this module is essentially a fork of npm-name-cli, modified to check the availability of ZEIT Now's domain names, instead of NPM package names



MIT © Nikolaos Kamarinakis

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