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var npm2yarn = require("npm2yarn")

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npm2yarn v1.0.0


A command-line tool for converting projects that use npm, npm-shrinkwrap (Uber's package for shrinkwrapping), and/or npm-shrinkwrap-check to Yarn.

npm2yarn was open-sourced as part of our Yarn-ifying Mixmax blog post, which goes into detail about why we decided to move to Yarn, how we did it, and what we learned along the way.

We created npm2yarn to ensure that we updated our projects correctly throughout our 75-project sweep of Yarnification.



  1. Checks out the master branch
  2. Pulls the latest changes
  3. Checks out a new branch, yarnify, overwriting any existing yarnify branch
  4. Removes npm-shrinkwrap.json if it exists
  5. Uninstalls npm-shrinkwrap if it exists, updating package.json
  6. Uninstalls npm-shrinkwrap-check if it exists, updating package.json
  7. Removes node_modules to avoid any installation conflicts
  8. Installs your project dependencies using Yarn, generating a yarn.lock file
  9. Runs yarn check to ensure that your dependencies were installed correctly (check out our blog post if you encounter any issues in this step)
  10. Runs yarn test as a sanity check
  11. Stages the changes made
  12. Logs a list of manual steps to be taken to complete the transition

This conversion will likely involve the upgrading of some/many of your transitive dependencies, so make sure to test thoroughly! :)


$ yarn global add npm2yarn


$ npm install -g npm2yarn


(in the directory of the project to convert, which must be a Git repository)

$ npm2yarn


Check out our Yarn-ifying Mixmax blog post for details on the issues we came across while transitioning to Yarn and how we solved them.

If you're having trouble with the script, please file an issue and we'll check it out!


We welcome your pull requests! Please lint your code.


  • 1.0.0 Add initial code


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