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var nthIndexof = require("nth-indexof")

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nth-indexof v1.0.0

Find the nth position of a pattern in a string


Find the nth position of a pattern in a string.

Similar to str.indexOf(pattern) except that you can choose how many occurrences of pattern you wish to skip before getting the index.

Build status js-standard-style


npm install nth-indexof --save


const indexOf = require('nth-indexof')

const text = 'foo\nbar\nbaz'

console.log('The index of the 2nd linebreak is:', indexOf(text, '\n', 1)) // => 7


index = indexOf(haystack, needle[, skip][, offset])

Returns the index of the needle in the haystack ignoring the first skip occurrences indicated.


  • haystack - A string in which to search
  • needle - The string to search for
  • skip - Optional number of instances of needle to skip before finding the next index (default: 0)
  • offset - Optional offset in the haystack from where to start the search

Returns -1 if no match is found.



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