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var nyanProgress = require("nyan-progress")

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nyan-progress v1.1.0

Nyan cat progress bar because why not?


A nyan cat progress bar for Node. npm version




yarn add nyan-progress

or if you use npm instead,

npm install --save nyan-progress


import nyanProgress from 'nyan-progress';
// OR
// const nyanProgress = require('nyan-progress);

const progress = nyanProgress(); // initialize
progress.start({ total: 100 }); // start the progress

const timer = setInterval(() => {

  if (progress.isComplete) {
}, 100);

The above example will produce the result shown in the gif in the begining.


The start() function can pass in an option object, the available options are listed below.

  • curr: the start point of the progress. Default: 0.
  • total: the end point of the progress. Default: 100.
  • width: the length of the progress bar. Default: 20.
  • renderThrottle: the interval that the progress update, in milliseconds. Default: 500.
  • message: an object containing the message to show in the progress.
    • downloading: a list of frames to show when downloading. Default: ['Nyaning. ', 'Nyaning.. ', 'Nyaning...'].
    • finished: a string to show when the progress is completed. Default: 'Nyaned'.
    • error: a string to show when the progress is interupted. Default: 'Something nyan wrong...'.
  • callback: callback function to do when completed.

You can also pass the callback function as second argument of the start() function.

progress.start({}, callback);

The start() function also return a promise.



start(options, callback?)

The function to nyan the cat.

tick(value? = 1)

The function that increment curr by value, value is default to 1 if not specified. When curr reached to total, the progress will stop.


For whatever reason you want to interupt the nyaning, call it. Note that it would not throw any error but display error message in the progress itself.




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