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var ofilter = require("ofilter")

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ofilter v0.1.0

Array.prototype.filter for objects.


Similar to Array.prototype.filter, except that it works on objects, and returns an object.


ofilter(object, callback[, thisObject])


object is the object you want to filter.

callback is a function that will be called for each key in object.

thisObject is an optional object to use for this inside callback.

var o = {
  a: {prop: 1},
  b: {prop: 'b'},
  c: {prop: 1}

filtered = ofilter(o, function (item) {
  return item.prop === 1;

ok(filtered.a && filtered.c,
  'should contain positive matches.'); // Pass

  'should not contain negative matches.'); // Pass

Crazy talk

This (along with several other common functional iterators) really needs to be part of the JavaScript specification. I can't recommend actually extending the Object prototype, but if you use ofilter() enough, maybe eventually, if we all believe hard enough, it will magically appear in a future version of the ECMAScript specification.

if (!Object.prototype.filter) {
  Object.prototype.filter = function (callback, thisObject) {
    return ofilter(this, callback, thisObject);

var obj = {a: 'a', b: 'b'};

var a = obj.filter(function (item) {
  return item === 'a';

t.same(a, {a: 'a'},
  'should work like Array.prototype.filter(). Come on, TC39!');


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