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var ol = require("ol")

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ol v4.6.4

OpenLayers as ES2015 modules


OpenLayers as ES2015 modules.


Add the ol package as a dependency to your project.

npm install ol --save

Import just what you need for your application:

import Map from 'ol/map';
import View from 'ol/view';
import TileLayer from 'ol/layer/tile';
import XYZ from 'ol/source/xyz';

new Map({
  target: 'map',
  layers: [
    new TileLayer({
      source: new XYZ({
        url: 'https://{a-c}{z}/{x}/{y}.png'
  view: new View({
    center: [0, 0],
    zoom: 2

See the following examples for more detail on bundling OpenLayers with your application:

Module Identifiers

The module identifiers above (e.g. ol/map) are like the ol.Map names in the API documentation with / instead of . and all lowercase. Each module only has a default export (there are no other named exports).

Constructors are exported from dedicated modules. For example, the ol/layer/tile module exports the Tile layer constructor.

Utility functions are available as properties of the default export from utility modules. For example, the getCenter function is a property of the default export from the ol/extent utility module.


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