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var pThrottle = require("p-throttle")

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p-throttle v3.1.0

Throttle promise-returning & async functions

p-throttle Build Status

Throttle promise-returning & async functions

It also works with normal functions.

Useful for rate limiting calls to an external API, for example.


$ npm install p-throttle


Here, the trottled function is only called twice a second:

const pThrottle = require('p-throttle');

const now =;

const throttled = pThrottle(index => {
    const secDiff = (( - now) / 1000).toFixed();
    return Promise.resolve(`${index}: ${secDiff}s`);
}, 2, 1000);

for (let i = 1; i <= 6; i++) {
//=> 1: 0s
//=> 2: 0s
//=> 3: 1s
//=> 4: 1s
//=> 5: 2s
//=> 6: 2s


pThrottle(fn, limit, interval)

Returns a throttled version of fn.


Type: Function

Promise-returning/async function or a normal function.


Type: number

Maximum number of calls within an interval.


Type: number

Timespan for limit in milliseconds.


Abort pending executions. All unresolved promises are rejected with a pThrottle.AbortError error.


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