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var packageRootFinder = require("package.root.finder")

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package.root.finder v0.1.2

Enables to find the first parent package in the path hierarchy


dependencies devDependency Status

Enables to find the first package in the path hierarchy. It checks recursively for a package.json beginning in the first directory of its path.

Bower information are completed with the directory property normaly stored in the .bowerrc file.

Take a look to the TODO if you want to help towards the next steps.


Node Dependency

Execute following line

npm install package.root.finder@0.1.x --save

Require module

var root = require('package.root.finder');


Returns an Object with following properties:

  • name: the name of the parent module
  • directory: the directory of the parent module
  • package: the parent module's package.json content
  • bower: the parent module's bower.json content or false if no bower is used. Also holds the directory property.
  • path: absolut path to the parent module directory

Access the values with the point notation:

var root = require('package.root.finder');

// get parent module's name
// or

// get root path

// get bower directory


  • require: the same as node's native require method, but loads the wanted package from the root package dependencies. Awaits a String as argument: 'mypackage' or '../root/folder/somefile', '../package.json'
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