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var painlessVersion = require("painless-version")

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painless-version v1.2.3

Intuitive version management abstraction


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Intuitive version management abstraction


npm i --save painless-version

Getting Started

```js const pv = require('painless-version');

const version = '5.3.5'; pv.test(1.2.3 < ${version}); // => true

## Functions

### test(expression: String)

Evaluate comparison string of form `LHS CMP RHS` where `LHS` and `RHS` are
version strings and `CMP` is one of `<`, `<=`, `>`, `>=`, `=`.

Under the hood this uses [compare-versions](

### updateDeprecationHeaders(headers: {}, { deprecationDate: Date, sunsetDate: Date })

Modifies the headers object in place assuming this is a response headers object.

Updates headers [deprecation]( and [sunset](

Existing headers are only overwritten if the date present is further in the future.
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