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var papir = require("papir")

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papir v2.3.5

Rest API Modelling library


Model Rest API Controller

Example with WooCommerce & vuejs

@notice - Cors must be accepted for the given url if running in browser

Fetch client_key & client_secret

import { Woo } from 'papir'
let woo = new Woo(
woo.authenticate() // Opens new window & respond with keys in console if accepted

Setup for vue

// In main.js
import { papir, Woo } from 'papir'
let woo = new Woo(
Vue.use(papir, { controller: woo.controller })

Using the module with vue components

// Single instance
let ep = new Endpoint(
) = new Prop(ep, 'id') = 344 // Get product with id 344
ep.fetch().then(() => {
  console.log( // Get raw response data
  // etc.. = 'xxx' // Save property // Refetch property // Save all properties
  ep.fetch() // Fetch all properties
  ep.loading // Check if model is loading
  ep.clone() // Clone model

// Multiple instances
let list = new List(ep)
  .then(() => {
    console.log('Raw data', list)
    console.log('Raw data',
    console.log('Children', list.children)
    list.children[0].name.value = 'New name'
    list.children[0] // Save everything
    list.delete() // Delete all children
    list.fetch() // Delete everything
      .query() // Query by multiple custom key value pairs
      .custom('key', 'value')
      .custom('search', 'term')
      .custom('perPage', '31')
      .limit(42) // Built in filters
      .context('view') // or 'edit'
      .fetch() // fetch ends the query and returns a Promise

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