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// require("parrotify-cli/[??]")

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parrotify-cli v1.1.4

Parrotify anything from your command line


Custom parrots from your command line :tada:

parrotify-cli demo


npm install -g parrotify-cli

Requires node > 8

To display the parrot in your command line you need iTerm > 3, a parrot.gif will be generated in your current directory anyway.


Just running

> parrotify

Will start the wizard ✨ which will guide you through the parrot generation process 🦄

You can also give these options:

> parrotify [options]


    -V, --version             output the version number
    -w --wizard               Use the wizard (inquirer) to create your custom parrot ⚡️
    -b --base [base]          Base parrot to use
    -o --overlay [overlay]    Image to place on top of the parrot
    -p --position [position]  Position of the overlay (face, hand or hat)
    -d --delay [delay]        How hard does the parrot party?
    -h, --help                output usage information


The overlay will autoposition itself based on it's ratio and chosen base (experimental).

> parrotify -o\(t\)_detail.png -p hat -b mega

Will generate:

parrotify hat demo

A gif file will be generated in the current path showing the result parrot. By default it will be called parrot.gif


  • Error handling whenever user data is not entered properly (missing overlay and positions defined)

  • Give an error when node version < 8

  • Prevent replacing existing parrot.gif in the folder.

  • Customise overlay size option.


Please see our


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