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var pathToUrl = require("path-to-url")

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path-to-url v0.1.0

Turn an Express-style path string such as /user/:name into a URL


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Turns an Express-style path string such as /user/:name into a URL like /user/brentburgoyne to support reverse routing.


$ npm install path-to-url --save


var pathToUrl = require('path-to-url');

// pathToUrl(path, params)
  • path A string in the express path format.
  • params An object where the keys match named params in the path to be replaced with the value.
    • params.param The value that will replace :param in the URL.
    • params.$ Special key where the value replaces the * wildcard in greedy paths.


pathToUrl('/user/:name', { name: 'brentburgoyne' });
// => "/user/brentburgoyne"

Optional params

pathToUrl('/results/:page?', {});
// => "/results"

pathToUrl('/results/:page?', { page: 47 });
// => "/results/47"


pathToUrl('/results.:format?', {});
// => "/results"

pathToUrl('/results.:format?', { format: 'json' });
// => "/results.json"


pathToUrl('/results*', {});
// => "/results"

pathToUrl('/results*', { $: '/anthing/goes/here' });
// => "/results/anything/goes/here"


While the most common use cases are covered, this module is not currently able to support every path supported by Express. Some of the things tat are not supported include optional groups and custom regular expressions.

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