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var ibx = require('payroc_ibx');

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payroc_ibx v0.9.4

This is an SDK for transaction processing with IBX gateway

IBX SDK for NodeJS

As a quick helper for our NodeJS community to get up and running even faster in your favorite dependency manager, we have created this API / SDK wrapper specifically tailored for NodeJS and Express.

More details at IBX Developer API



If there is a platform you would like to see in addition to npm for dependency management, let us know.

NPM Install

Run the following command at the root fo your project

npm install ibx-node


Manual Install

Download the zip, or use git submodules to pull the SDK into your project.

Import Example

Here is an example implementation:

(see /examples for more)

DIY Example without IBX SDK

DIY Example

Post transaction with IBX SDK

"use strict";
const ibx = require('payroc_ibx');
const util = require('util');
const xml2js = require('xml2js').Parser({explicitArray:false});

// You can use your own JSON Model, or use the included models.
const cardData = new ibx.cardDataModel(); = 'Barney Rubble';
cardData.number = '4242424242424242';
cardData.cvv = '999';
cardData.exp_month = '12';
cardData.exp_year = '20';

// Address is optional, unless using loopback /sandbox / demo account.
const addressData = new ibx.addressDataModel();
addressData.postal_code = '84025';

const metaData = new ibx.metaDataModel(); = "";

let payload = new ibx.storeCardPayloadModel();
payload.amount = '1000';
payload.card = cardData;
payload.address = addressData;

let myReportingCallback = function (response) {
    // Do something with response here
    console.log(util.inspect(response, false, null, true))

let myPaymentCallback = function (response) {
    // Do something with response here
    console.log(util.inspect(response, false, null, true))
    payload = new ibx.batchPayloadModel();
    ibx.openBatchSummary(payload, myReportingCallback);

// If you want to post a card transaction
let myCallback = function (response) {

    if (response.error) {
        console.log(util.inspect(response.error, false, null, true))

    // Do something with response here
    console.log(util.inspect(response, false, null, true))

    payload = new ibx.processCardPayloadModel();

    payload.token = response.ExtData.CardSafeToken;
    payload.amount = (Math.random() * 100).toFixed(2).toString();
    payload.transaction_type = 'sale';
    payload.ext_data = '';

    ibx.processCard(payload, myPaymentCallback);

ibx.setAuth(process.env.TEST_USERNAME, process.env.TEST_PASSWORD);
ibx.storeCard(payload, myCallback); // That's it!

Example Response

Example successful processCard using the example above will return the following JSON object as a response:

    "quot;: {
    "xmlns:xsd": "",
     "xmlns:xsi": "",
     "xmlns": ""
    "Result": "0",
    "RespMSG": "Approved",
    "Message": "Approval - Approved and completed",
    "Message1": "",
    "Message2": "",
    "AuthCode": "TAS105",
    "PNRef": "104296",
    "HostCode": "000000000000147",
    "HostURL": "",
    "GetAVSResult": "N",
    "GetAVSResultTXT": "No Match",
    "GetStreetMatchTXT": "No Match",
    "GetZipMatchTXT": "No Match",
    "GetGetOrigResult": "",
    "GetCommercialCard": "False",
    "ExtData": {
        "CardType": "VISA",
        "LastFour": "4242",
        "ExpDate": "1220",
        "BatchNum": "128"

Check out the files in /examples for other ideas for implementation.


Try Payroc IBX SDK on RunKit

Unit tests on this project are run using Mocha. You can find each test in the /test folder.

After doing an npm install mocha, and chai will be available to run using the following command.

npm test

Alternative Methods:

npm test-report
npm test-check-coverage
./node_modules/.bin/mocha --reporter spec
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