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pd-snooze v2.2.2

PagerDuty maintenance cli


A command line tool to put services in and out of maintenance mode in PagerDuty.


Node version: >= 8.


To ensure you enter your timezone in the correct format please refer to this list of timezones here.



yarn global add pd-snooze


npm install -g pd-snooze


 pd-snooze set-config --apikey YOUR_APIKEY --email YOUR_EMAIL --timezone YOUR_TIMEZONE


set-config [options]        Create the config required to interact with the PagerDuty API.
update-config [options]     Update single or multiple values in the config.
list [options]              Output all services or open maintenance windows.
start [options]             Put all services or a particular service into maintenance mode.
end [options]               End all maintenance windows or a maintenance window containing a particular service.

Additional Flags:

-d <min>    Sets the duration of the maintenance window in minutes, default is 30.

Output current version:

pd-snooze -v || --version

Output help:

pd-snooze -h || --help

Set config:

pd-snooze set-config --apikey example-api-key --email --timezone Europe/London

Example Usage:

Output current config:

pd-snooze current-config

Update config:

pd-snooze update-config --apikey <NEW_APIKEY>

Output services:

pd-snooze list -s || --services

Output open maintenance windows:

pd-snooze list -m || --maintenance

Put all services into maintenance:

pd-snooze start -a || --all [-d || --duration <MIN>]

Put a single service into maintenance:

pd-snooze start -s || --service <SERVICE_NAME> [-d || --duration <MIN>]

End all maintenance windows:

pd-snooze end -a || --all

End a maintenance window containing the specified service:

pd-snooze end -s || --service <SERVICE_NAME>


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