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var peliasHierarchyLookup = require("pelias-hierarchy-lookup")

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pelias-hierarchy-lookup v0.0.6

Query for performing multi-layer polygon intersection queries


This module status is currently beta, the API may change in the future.

The functionality and parameters are specific to Pelias, only use this module if you know what you're doing.

This requires that the quattroshapes data has already been imported and the indeces have been refreshed and ready for querying


$ npm install pelias-hierarchy-lookup


var lookup = require('pelias-hierarchy-lookup'),
    stream =,
    through = require('through2');

stream.pipe( through.obj( function( item, enc, next ){
  console.log( item );

var centroid = { lat: 51.5328850, lon: -0.0652280 };
stream.write({ center_point: centroid } );


The stream() constructor accepts an options object, which configures the behavior of the lookup and may contain any of the following keys:

  • prop: by default the stream looks for an object containing lat/lon keys in a property called center_point; a different property name can be specified here.
  • logLevel: the minimum level of log messages that the underlying logger, Winston, will print to the console. Defaults to error; see all possible options.

NPM Module

The pelias-hierarchy-lookup npm module can be found here:


Please fork and pull request against upstream master on a feature branch.

Pretty please; provide unit tests and script fixtures in the test directory.

Running Unit Tests

$ npm test

Continuous Integration

Travis tests every release against node version 0.10

Build Status

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